Professional Development Workshop Series (PDWS)

In the United States, a great number of new businesses fail within two to five years. Since small business is a critical driver in job growth and economy, it is necessary that these business owners receive the support they need to survive and thrive.

The Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce will consider this need a strategic and social imperative and a part of its mission to, “foster success for its members and the community.” Towards this end, we will provide the SMBU as a way of supporting the success of our members who are small business owners.

The SMBU will seek to support four segments of small business owners:

i. Survive segment: 1-2 years in business.

ii. Thrive segment: 3-5 years in business

iii. Core segment: 1-5 years in business

iv. Women Entrepreneurs



Our mission is to provide programs and services benefiting our members. We promote member interests and advocate a favorable business climate, quality of life and the strategic growth and development of the region.


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